Admissions Arrangements 2021 – 2022

Tudhoe Learning Trust and all of its schools use the services of Durham County Council Admissions Team to administer school admissions each year.  Information about Durham County Council Admissions can be found here Durham County Council Admission Arrangements 2022-2023

Tudhoe Learning Trust complies with our obligations set out in the School Admissions Code and the School Admissions Appeal Code.  Please click on the links below for more information:


The Trust has adopted Durham County Council’s Policy Educational Visits, Off Site Activities and On-Site ‘Adventures’


The safety and well-being of the children in our care is our absolute priority.  We take matters pertaining to safeguarding very seriously without exception.  We expect all staff, visitors, contractors, governors, directors and volunteers to share this view.  Our Trust has an overarching child protection / safeguarding policy that details our approach to keeping children safe and each of our academies has developed their own individual policy from that in line with KCSIE requirements.

In addition to practice in the classroom we ensure a “Safer Workforce“.  The starts from how we recruit in line with Part Three of Keeping Children Safe in Education – Safer Recruitment.  Find out more about how we recruit on our Vacancies page.

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.


Statutory guidance…

The Trust oversees consistent and compliant safeguarding practice across all of its schools in line with Section 11 of The Children Act by undertaking regular audits of our schools to ensure that all children are equally and adequately safeguarded.  Our safeguarding teams comprise of a lead and deputies who operate within Keeping Children Safe in Education Guidance.  Detail relating to their individual roles are outlined below for information.  All staff and governors receive at least level 1 child protection training with DSLs level 3 trained.

Making a referral to First Contact…

First Contact are a team based in Newton Aycliffe to triage referrals from agencies in respect of child welfare and protection.  Referrals to First Contact can be made via telephone 03000 267979 but referrals must be followed up with a written electronic version.  A referral form is available for use below.  Anyone who has a worry about the welfare of a child can ring for advice.  Written referrals should be made including as much information as possible and evidenced with Durham Safeguarding Partnerships Threshold guidance that can be found via their website




Tudhoe Learning Trust is an inclusive environment where opportunity exists for all.  We recognise and value the contribution of our people.  We continually seek to develop and improve our processes, practice and procedures to ensure continuous growth and progression.  Here is a selection of our people related policies.  More information and alternative formats can be obtained by contacting our HR Team at office@tudhoelearningtrust.co.uk

Equality & Diversity

Tudhoe Learning Trust is proud to be a diverse and equitable working and learning environment creating opportunity for all.  We have a range of policies and procedures that underpin our culture of practice that ensures no individual or group is disadvantaged whether they work for us, learn with us or visit us.

Organisations employing more than 250 people are required by law to publish their gender pay gap.  Gender pay gap is the difference between average male hourly rate of pay and average female hourly rates of pay shown as a percentage.  The Trust does not currently employ more than 250 staff and as such we are not required to report on this element at this time.  However, we do have a formal pay structure for teaching and non-teaching staff.  We do not pay bonuses or benefits in kind.  We are confident that men and women are paid fairly and equally for equivalent work.  For more information about our gender pay gap please contact us on office@tudhoelearningtrust.co.uk


More details about our Governance can be found within our Governance section.  Here is a small selection of policies that relate to this area of our service provision:

More information can be sought by contacting us at office@tudhoelearningtrust.co.uk 

Trade Union Facility Time

Tudhoe Learning Trust is obligated to report certain information about Trade Union Representatives and their activity within the Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017, which took effect from 1 April 2017.  These regulations were laid following the enactment of the Trade Union Act 2016.

We are required to report and publish information about:
• the number of trade union representatives in our organisation
• the time and percentage of hours spent on paid TU activity 
• the amount spent on TU activity
• the percentage of paid time spent on TU activities

Tudhoe Learning Trust works hard to maintain a supportive and inclusive working environment within which employees are able to be part of a Trade Union and to take part in its activities if they wish.

The Trust currently employs 2 trade union representatives and during the academic year 2020-2021, one employee spent 6.5 hours (paid leave) on trade union activity at a total cost of £108.36.  The percentage of time spent on trade union activity equates to 0.00% in terms of the total pay bill cost.

Data Protection

Here is our policy relating to Data Protection and relevant Privacy Notices for your information. Please note that we are currently reviewing all of our data handling processes to ensure data privacy and security of our pupils, parents and staff information in line with General Data Protection Regulations after leaving the EU.  For more information please contact us at the Trust Office: office@tudhoelearningtrust.co.uk

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