Tudhoe Learning Trust Board of Directors

Tudhoe Learning Trust is governed by a Board of Directors that exists to oversee all activity within the Trust, provide strategic leadership, planning and direction through goals and objectives that align with our organisational aims and ethos.

The Trust appoints a Local Governing Body to each school that aims to be a locally invested, interested and skilled group of people who will provide support and challenge to the school in line with Trust objectives, school improvement planning and evaluation.  Local governing bodies will also support senior leaders in certain decision making processes to ensure fairness, consistency and transparency.

Our Directors and Governors are unpaid volunteers who share our values and aims and are passionate about improving standards, outcomes and experiences for children as well as creating a desirable working environment for our staff.

Information about our Directors and Governors declarations of interest in relation to business and pecuniary interest can be found here Business and pecuniary interest summary 2019-2020 Declarations are sought annually and retained centrally.  Governors and Directors are aware of their obligation to inform the Trust of any relevant or significant change in their circumstances.

Governors and directors perform a vital role and must set a high standard of conduct and expectation.  More information about our Trust Code of Conduct for Governance 2018-2019 can be found here.  If you are interested in supporting our Trust or one of our schools at a local level and you have relevant skills or expertise then we are interested to hear from you.  To be considered please complete a Trust-Governance-Application-Form 2020 and send it to

Information about our Directors attendance and resignations is updated regularly and can be found here:

Active Trust Directors

Mr Ivan Whitfield – appointed 26 October 2012

Chair of Directors

Mr Whitfield was the Chair of Governors at Tudhoe Colliery Primary School for many years. He is a Director of Sport at Sunderland University and lives locally in Tudhoe with his family.

Mr Jim Smith – appointed 26 October 2012

Head Teacher, Tudhoe Colliery Primary School.

Executive Head Teacher / CEO, Tudhoe Learning Trust


Miss Allison Boustead – appointed 26 October 2012

Deputy Head Teacher, Tudhoe Colliery Primary School

Allison has been a teacher at Tudhoe Colliery Primary School since 2005 and is currently Deputy Head at the school responsible for leading teaching and learning. She has extensive experience teaching across the primary sector and has been a Leading Literacy Teacher and an Advanced Skills teacher, supporting various schools in County Durham in writing and maths.


Mr David Bowes – appointed 26 October 2012

Chair of Governors, Victoria Lane Academy.  Vice Chair of Directors, Tudhoe Learning Trust

I have been a governor for about 34 years. My first role was as a parent governor at St Francis CE (Aided) Junior School in Newton Aycliffe.  I am Chair of Governors there and also at St Michael’s CE Primary School, Bishop Middleham and Victoria Lane Academy, Coundon.  As Chair at Victoria Lane Academy I am also a Director of Tudhoe Learning Trust. Since the beginning of 2013 I have been a National Leader of Governance.  I have been retired since 2007 (although it doesn’t feel like it) having spent 38 years in the Civil Service including two years working in a Local Authority.  My aim is to ensure all children receive the best education the school can give them.


  Mr David Collins – Appointed 8 December 2017

Mr Collins has recently joined our Board bringing with him skill and expertise in finance from within the private sector.




Mrs Vivienne Ingleton – Appointed 13 July 2018

The Trust has been delighted to welcome Mrs Ingleton to its Board.  Although now retired, Mrs Ingleton has a wealth of experience within education and remains active in school governance in primary, secondary and alternative provision settings.



Mrs Irene  Cochrane – Appointed 1 July 2020

The Trust has been delighted to welcome Mrs Cochrane to its Board.  Although now retired, Mrs Cochrane has a wealth of experience within education with local authorities.

Resigned Directors

Mrs Shiela Isobel Palmerley: appointed 16 May 2014 – resigned 9 June 2016

Mrs Juliet Price: appointed 26 October 2012 – resigned 10 June 2016

Mrs Carole Smith: appointed 26 October 2012 – resigned 12 May 2014

Mrs Lindsey Moses: appointed 26 October 2012 – resigned 7 April 2017

Mr Robert Robson: appointed 1 September 2015 – resigned 9 October 2017

Mrs Rachel Kate Hodge: appointed 01 September 2015 – resigned 26 September 2017

Mrs Joan Temple: appointed 01 September 2015 – resigned 30 September 2017

Mr Derek Turner: appointed 01 December 2012 – resigned 25 February 2019

Mr Mike Simpson: appointed 01 December 2012 – resigned 01 July 2019

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